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Schleich Akhal-Teke Mare Toy Figure

Akhal-Teke horses possess a truly majestic poise. Their heads are noble in form with expressive eyes. Their long necks are held high and their bodies elongated. Their coats shine brilliantly in golden, metallic tones. Many horse enthusiasts are fascinated by their overall noble appearance. Due to their great endurance, the breed is mainly used as distance horses. However, the Akhal-Tekes also have a natural gift for dressage.

Hand Painted
Highly Detailed
Fun Fact: Akhal-Teke horses are quite talented in jumping; The high jump record by an Akhal-Teke is 2; 25 meters
This breed originates in the harsh deserts of Turkmenistan; One if the breed's distinguishing features is the metallic gleam of its coat