Haba Figure Geo Shape Tack Zap

Hammering & Pounding Toys
This classic HABA favorite allows children to learn to hammer using real ½" nails and a wooden mallet. Children place a nail in the pre-drilled hole in a tile, and then hammer to affix it to the cork board. Develops and encourages fine motor skills as they work. Tiles can be removed from the cork board, then repositioned to create an infinite variety of patterns and pictures. Comes with suggestions for designs, including a flower in a pot, a bird, a barn, a watering can, and a windmill. Of course, because of the open-ended nature of this activity, children will be able to create their own original patterns and pictures with the geometric tiles. Includes a design sheet, wooden mallet (6½"), nails, 100 geometric tiles, and corkboard (11½" x 8¾"). Ages 4 and up. Replacement Shapes (2305), sold separately, includes 100 tiles and additional nails.

16.89 in L x 9.37 in W x 1.89 in H
Materials: wooden figurines
Measurements: packaging 16.5 x 9 x 1 inches
Weight: 1.3 lbs
Made in Germany

SE - Scissors - Cuticle, Arrow Point, Curved, 3.5in.

Cuticle Scissors
The precision cutting blades with sharp curved tips are made from fine raw materials,tempered,hypoallergenic stainless steel used for surgical instruments,hardened for extra-strength and enhanced with chromium for superior rust protection.

Precision craftsmanship
Excellent for cutting your nails, trimming a hang nail or any other beauty needs
Made of stainless steel