Powerex Battery charger w/8 2700 mAh Batteries

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Unlike other fast chargers, the PowerEX MH-401FS allow you to recharge AA & AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries accurately and coolly, in around 100 minutes (AAA charges in around 1 hour).This charger comes with eight AA 2300mAh batteries, AC adapter, car DC adapter, batteries carrying case, and user manual.

Charge AA / AAA NiMH or NiCD batteries in 100 Minutes Accurately and Coolly
Unique FLEX negative pulse charging algorithm allow the battery to accept a more complete charge The PowerEx MH-C401FS delivers the most complete charge for chargers in its class. The new FLEX negative pulse algorithm also significantly enhances battery li
Manually Switch between 100 minute fast charge and 5 hour gentle charge The MH-C401FS is also the first charger on the market to offer the choice between a 100-minute rapid charge and a slower, gentler 5-hour charge
Four Independent Charging Circuits This allows each battery to be charged to its full potential without risk of overcharging. The charger can charge one, two, three or four batteries.
Limited Lifetime Warranty

SlitzerĀ® 21-Pc. Professional Chef's Cutlery Set with Case

Boxed Knife Sets
Slitzer 21-Pc. Professional Chef's Cutlery Set with Case gives you professional quality for less! Take your cooking to the next level! With this Slitzer 21-Pc. Chef's Cutlery Set, you finally have the tools you need to start cooking like a pro chef. These knives are ergonomically-designed and well balanced so they feel good in your hands. They also have full tang construction and are finished with satin polish that resists corrosion and pitting. The set includes an aluminum hard-sided case for storage, and is backed by a manufacturer's lifetime limited warranty. This premium set includes all this: 5 1/4" poultry shears; 11" meat fork with 5 3/4" prongs; 7 3/4" utility knife; 10 3/8" carving knife; 9 1/8" cleaver; 12" meat slicer; 11 3/4" sharpener; 12 1/4" long knife (great for pastries and other sectioning); 11 7/8" chef's knife; 9 1/4" fillet knife; 6 5/8" utility knife; 6 1/2" utility knife; 5 1/4" boning knife; 8-Pc. small gadget set (decorating knife, lemon grater, decorating scoop, oyster knife, cheese knife, multi-use knife, potato peeler and melon baller); Aluminum storage case measures: 23 x 15 1/2 x 4 3/4"; Unleash the chef within you... get this set! Order Today! Slitzer 21-Pc. Professional Chef's Cutlery Set with Case

Complete 21 Piece SetIncludes Hard Sided BriefcaseLifetime Warranty